Danny Marrs is a twenty-something small town huckster who comes to Hollywood with a big smile, a neat line in patter and a wannabe actress girlfriend. When Danny runs into Joe Schmolensky, a middle-aged janitor with a love of old movies and a gift for impressions, his eye for an opportunity sparkles.

The two form an uneasy partnership. Combining Danny’s charm and questionable work methods with Joe’s unusual talent, the two men embark on a series of hilarious misadventures that expose them to a world of greed inhabited by colourful characters; including a Hollywood agent, a debt collector, a wallflower secretary, a Russian gangster, a porn director, a jealous boyfriend, a computer geek and megalomaniacal TV executives.

Trust Me is a funny, smart satirical look at the entertainment industry, politics and America’s cultural obsession with fame. With the tender and unlikely pairing of Danny and Joe, Trust Me boasts two indelible characters who show that with a bit of talent and a lot of bravado anything is possible.

For the enterprising Danny, that means a chance to get rich while for Joe it’s the opportunity to go from a nobody to a somebody. But inevitably there’s a price to be paid. “Christ Joe, are you wearing a girdle? And what have they done to your hair?” exclaims a shocked Danny. “D’you like it? Titian Gold!” replies a proud Joe. How a humble janitor ends up dying his hair and going from the slop house to the White House is a story that will make you laugh, think and sigh, ‘Only in America’. Trust Me!